How To Overcome Male Factor Infertility

10 Steps to Optimize Your Sperm, Get Pregnant, and Create a Happy Healthy Family


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Men receiving the diagnosis of ‘Male Factor Infertility’ suffer intense negative sexual, personal and social strains. Male infertility affects 10-15% of reproductive-aged couples worldwide yet is a condition that gets little attention in the current western biomedical model of care.

Without this medical focus men often become complacent with their involvement in the path to pregnancy. But it is important to remember that you are half the equation and it is a time to step up and be accountable for optimizing your reproductive health.

There is no better time than the present to show your love and support to your wife by being relentless in researching the possible causes of your condition and doing everything in your power to make fatherhood a reality.

Since there is so much that can be done for men and their reproductive health, coupled with the fact that the health of the sperm is far more important than anyone is telling you (or understands), finding ways (such as TCM and acupunture) to help men move forward with their journey toward optimized health and sperm is an essential choice for every couple.

Even if sperm looks ok on paper, there is always room to engineer a plan that will bring them to peak reproductive potential.

Welcome to the Being Fertile Program with Dr. Spence Pentland

The Being Fertile Program (BFP+) ‘How To Optimize Your Chances of IVF Success’ section is made up of easy-to-implement recommendations engineered to optimize your sperm, and transform your health in the process. The topics covered comprise a holistic system for ensuring you are tending to all aspects of your health that affect your fertility.

Step 1 — How to properly pay attention to the signals and feedback your body is giving you
Step 2 — How to use food as a medicine
Step 3 — Which supplements are right for you
Step 4 — Specifically how you should be exercising
Step 5 — Which toxins are around you that may be affecting your fertility
Step 6 — How natural treatments such as accupunture can help
Step7 — How to honour your emotions and look inside to get the whole picture
Step 8 — How assisted reproductive technologies such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) help and when to choose this option

The information contained in the BFP+ 10 Step sections for each reproductive health condition is constantly being updated with new information, interviews, stories, tips and recommendations to aid you on your journey.

The information in this program is the cumulative result of

25+ years of collective clinical experience

Extensive specialized training in natural evidence-based treatment of reproductive health issues

Development of fully integrated complementary health care services with IVF clinics

Close relationships with experts and world leaders in this field of medicine

Current medical evidence shows that complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, supplements, diet, and lifestyle choices can increase sperm quality and the chances of getting pregnant.

Due to our observations that men rely primarily on scientific research, the contents of the Male Factor Infertility section of BFP+ weigh heavily on the supporting evidence that CAM treatments, diet, supplementation, and lifestyle factors have on sperm quality and fertility.

There is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’ for male factor infertility.

Once you (or your husband) are implementing the recommendations outlined in the BFP+ and are working with a competent TCM specialist in men’s reproductive health and have set clear health and wellness related goals it is important to be realistic. An understanding of what to expect is important so that proper commitment is cultivated.

The outline and recommendations below are based on clinical evidence and experience (what we and our peers have observed as being necessary to obtain desired improvement), as well as current available research. Please understand that every human is unique and therefore so may be their requirements for treatment to be effective. The recommendations outlined below are general.

It is also important to understand that our natural holistic treatment is not only focused sperm. Whole health is important for optimal reproductive health and semen quality. We also implement strategies that focus on the improvement of overall health, as well as addressing the stress that infertility inevitably bestows upon the couple.

General Recommendations

Basic Semen Issues

This includes issues with semen that are often more basic in nature (count, motility, volume) without confounding more complicated medical reasons for poor semen quality. ONE course of consistently administered treatment is most often sufficient to obtain desired improvement:

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12 acupuncture treatments in a 6-12 week timeframe

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12 weeks of daily Chinese herbal medicine, vitamins & supplements, as well as diet and lifestyle recommendations

Complex Reproductive Issues

This includes more complex issues with semen production and quality and/or other aspects of reproductive health (morphology, antisperm antibodies, hormonal imbalance, DNA fragmentation) as well as multifactorial epigenetic factors. TWO courses of consistently administered treatment is most often sufficient to obtain desired improvement:

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24 acupuncture treatments in a 3-6 month timeframe

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6 months of daily Chinese herbal medicine and supplements, as well as diet and lifestyle recommendations

We have worked with many men that have been diagnosed with male factor infertility, and are happy to say that we have attained our desired treatment outcomes with most of them.

That said, it is essential to note that for almost all of those that we have not reached the health and sperm related goals with, non-compliance to our individualized treatment recommendations is the reason.

Unfortunately this is common with men and is something we are trying to change through the sharing of up-to-date clinical experience and the defining of realistic plans which set up clear expectations.

When you choose to utilize BFP+ you can expect the following transformations to occur:

Improved Sperm and Sexual Performance

With all of the tools you will learn coupled with the dedication to implementing the recommended changes, you will optimize your sperm and chances of getting pregnant, as well as improve your libido and sexual performance.

Improved Health and Well-being

Optimal overall health is integral to producing good sperm. It also has a drastic impact on the health your child will experience throughout their lifetime. Lastly, being a healthy dad is important.

A Simpler, More Enjoyable Life

Benefit from reduced stress levels, less anger and frustration, improved performance at work and play, as well as a multitude of other tangible health benefits.

As a bonus for being a member, you get access to discounted One-on-One coaching sessions with Dr. Pentland. This is a chance to get your personal questions answered and gain insights specific to your individual circumstance.

“(Ask yourself) How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I desire?.”
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