How To Navigate Your Fertility Journey Using Your Heart (NOT HEAD) & Intuition To Guide You

Interview with Sue Dumais

Sue embodies what she teaches, and has been helping people struggling with infertility for many years now. The focus of her approach is one that I know to be of incredible importance when faced with difficulties getting pregnant and carrying to term. It is important to put emphasis on your heart-spirit when reproductive challenges become your reality. Sue can help, come see / listen how now.  ~ Spence



Professional Profile
Fertility Yoga instructor & Teacher Trainer
Certified Intuitive Healer
Mind Body Specialist
Ordained Ministerial Counselor
International Author and Speaker
Heart Led Living Coach & Trainer for Intuitive Coaches

Professional Achievements
Sue Dumais is a Global Impact Visionary Leader answering the call to heal the world. She is a best-selling author, an international speaker, a divine leader of light leaders, a sacred guide, a gifted intuitive healer, a miracle weaver and a global voice of HOPE and inspiration for the “Heart YES Movement.”

Sue brings the gifts of insight, awareness, and self-empowerment to her global audience creating a shift in consciousness from head to heart. Her mission is to ignite our hearts to uplift humanity and unify us in love for each other and our planet.

Sue Dumais’ Mind Body Studio in Vancouver, British Columbia was the genesis of services and products offered to help others heal the burdens of their past, move through fear and limiting beliefs in order to create a solution oriented mindset.

The Mind Body Studio was the first in Canada to focus on fertility as well as pre & post natal health and fitness. Since 1990 when Sue began her fitness business, she expanded her offerings for unique programs including training certifications, yoga therapy, core stability for fertility and pregnancy, energetic healing and specialized personal training. The Mind Body studio transitioned from a fertility yoga studio in 2011 to a virtual studio as an adjunct to her new speaking and consulting firm for organizations and individuals throughout North America.

The first in the world to pioneer training programs in the field, Sue’s company developed the first Fitness Fertility Certification and Fertility Yoga Teacher Training Course. Through her own fertility challenges, pregnancy and motherhood, Sue learned about self-care, love, acceptance, trust and community.

Sue is the author of A Strong Core for Life and the Yoga for Fertility Handbook as well as additional products and services for individuals and organizations. Sue went on to write three more international best selling books.

Heart Led Living ~ When Hard Work Becomes Heart Work was published in May 2014 by Influence Publishing.

Expect Miracles ~ 10 beautiful souls share stories of Hope, Inspiration & Transformation was published in Nov 2017

Stand UP Stand OUT Stand STRONG ~ A 30 Day Guide to Navigate Life When the SHIFT Hits the Fan was published in Feb 2018.

Sue has written articles for many national magazines including Creating Families Magazine for the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (IAAC). Sue served as a member of the IAAC Board of Directors and was the IAAC Support Group Chapter Leader for Vancouver for 6 years.

Her training as a Doula and experience with pre & post natal fitness inspired her to write the Pre & Post Natal Fitness Instructor Certification Course as well as several online courses to provide continuing education opportunities for fitness professionals all over the world for more than two decades.

Along with world renowned physiotherapist Diane Lee, Sue created the Postpartum Diastasis Recti Study to help discover ways to support women through postpartum and beyond.

As an Intuitive Healer and miracle weaver Sue’s clients experience profound transformation as they awaken and deepen their innate ability to heal. Her weekly radio show “Expect Miracles” aired on Intention Radio in 2014 and inspired listeners to align with their inner guide, trust their intuition and discover their YES for life!

Coached and mentored by Les Brown, one of the top five outstanding speakers in the world (highest award from Toastmasters International 1990), Sue has expanded her outreach to include a variety of audiences who want to unblock the barriers to a heart led life.

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