Spiritual Principles Form

Thank you for taking the time to really dig in and express your feelings in the following sections. Understanding these principles and how they impact you may be/ or have been one of the most important aspects of your journey through infertility, and my intention is that these principles be better understood by those suffering with the challenge of realizing their dreams of family. Your contributions here may very well be the key, the hope, the inspiration needed by someone else in a very dark difficult time. Please consider this a way of giving back, contributing to others in need. By filling out this form you are giving permission for the content to be used in future publications and promotions. Thank you So much. ~ Spence
  • Describe how you feel 'love' is important when facing infertility.
  • Describe how 'surrendering' is important when facing infertility
  • Describe how cultivating trust or faith is important when facing infertility
  • Describe how you have grown personally due to your challenges with getting/staying pregnant, and how important this growth is when facing infertility.
  • If you decided to give back, or contribute to your world as part of your way to cope with infertility, please describe what you did and why it was so important.
  • Please describe how practicing gratitude is important when facing infertility
  • If applicable, please describe how important meditation practice is when facing infertility.
  • Please describe how prayer is important when facing infertility. *Remember, prayer doesn't have to come from any religious tradition, it can simply be conversations between you and God, the universe, your ancestors, or whatever creator/supreme entity you believe in.
  • Describe how being mindful, aware, and in the present moment plays an important role when facing infertility
  • Please describe how persevering, even in the tough times, is important when facing infertility. Ultimately it is the most important ingredient when faced with challenges in reaching your goals and dreams.
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  • May be used in future publications and promo materials in association with the content being submitted
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