How To Manage Stress

Techniques to Reduce the Negative Impact that Stress Has on Your Ability to Get Pregnant


In a recent study, a group of researchers from the U.S. decided to answer the question: Are women’s stress levels associated with infertility? They measured biomarkers (i.e., specific chemicals or hormones) for stress in their saliva and performed a perceived stress questionnaire with almost 400 couples.

What they found was that when these biomarkers and perceived stress scores were higher, the time to pregnancy was increased (Lynch, 2014).

For many cases, it really is that simple. The good news is there is much you can do to minimize the negative effects of stress.

Welcome to the Being Fertile Program with Dr. Spence Pentland

The Being Fertile Program (BFP+) ‘How to Manage Stress’ section discusses the ways which stress impacts reproductive health, the importance of taking care of your spirit during infertility struggles, and shares things that you can do to ensure stress is not affecting your ability to get pregnant.

An article written by the Mayo Clinic states: How you react to stressors in your life is affected by such factors as genetics and life experiences. Fortunately, the article also goes on to mention that despite your genetics or bad luck you can learn to react to life’s stress in healthier ways by:

Step 1 — Improving diet
Step 2 — Getting more sleep
Step 3 — Massage
Step 4 — Relaxation
Step 5 — Meditation
Step 6 — Acupuncture
Step 7 — Counselling
Step 8 — Nurturing friendships
Step 9 — Allowing your sense of humor to shine
Step 10 — Moderate exercise

This program discusses each of these topics at length, and gives easy-to-implement things you can do to obtain relief from high levels of emotional stress and the physical damage that accompanies it.

Imagine what it would be like to not feel emotionally paralyzed anymore. To feel less fear, less shame, less self-loathing. To feel happy again for others getting pregnant and no longer cringe with resentment when you receive another invite to a 1st birthday party. To desire sex and spending time with your partner again.

The information in this program is the cumulative result of 25+ years of collective clinical experience working with many women and couples facing the most difficult times of their lives. Connecting with people in this despair has provided us with an intimate understanding of which treatments and techniques offer effective support and deliver relief from this heavy burden. The pathway to pregnancy does not have to be so overwhelming.

Anyone experiencing infertility instictively knows that stress is playing a role in their challenges. This is a fact that no one would argue.

In 2014, The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) released a patient education fact sheet on stress and infertility. It talks about the impact of stress on fertility not being completely understood but emphasizes that high levels of stress can affect a woman’s chance of conceiving.

What is also understood is that taking steps to manage stress provides a better quality of life during these challenging times.

When you choose to use the Being Fertile Program (BFP+) you can expect personal transformation through new healthy decisions and habits. Habits that will bring you health, well-being, and the confidence that you are doing what you can to reduce the negative impact that stress has on your ability to get pregnant.

Increased Fertility

With all of the tools you will learn and with dedication to implementing the necessary changes, you will experience less stress and improved chances of getting pregnant.

Improved Health and Well-being

Every system in your body functions more optimally when stress levels are properly managed. More energy and quality sleep, better digestion, stronger immune function, and of course improved fertility.

A More Enjoyable Life

Reduction in Stress results in better moods, balanced hormones, improved relationships, and a multitude of other tangible health benefits that make life a lot easier.

As a bonus for being a member, you get access to discounted One-on-One coaching sessions with Dr. Pentland. This is a chance to get your personal questions answered and gain insights specific to your individual circumstance.

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