The Vagina Coach – How Your Pelvic Floor May Be Key To Unlocking Your Fertility Potential

Interview with Kim Vopni – The Vagina Coach

A great podcast that may hold a key to unlocking your fertility potential. First off, all I can say is that I learned a lot from this interview, so much so that I will be referring all my fertility patients to a pelvic floor physical/physio therapist from here forward! Kim is great, and has a lot of knowledge and passion for helping women have better experiences with sex, orgasm, fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods in their life.  ~ Spence




Professional Profile
BA Psychology 1995
Post Grad Diploma in Health and Fitness 1997
Personal Trainer Pre/post fitness consultant
Fitness for Fertility Specialist
Hypopressive Trainer

Professional Achievements
Author – Prepare To Push 2015, Your Pelvic Floor – The Inside Story – 2017,
Pregnancy Fitness 2018

Professional Experience
Fitness Industry 1996 – 2001
HR roles 2001 – 2009
Pelvienne Wellness Inc – since 2004 (side biz) and became official in 2009 Bellies Inc – 2011

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